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  • Roman Tlapák | 02.01.2012 12:07:55 | responding

    Good evening, my wife and I would like to thank very much to the both of you. My wife Helena attended a balloon ride on August 18 at 7.00 pm. It was for her an unbelievable experience and she will not fall asleep tonight. The both of us are very happy, that the weather was great and weĺl certainly reccommend you to our friends. Roman and Helena Tlapák, České Budějovice.

  • Fox | 02.01.2012 12:07:01 | responding

    Pavel, thanks once more for our beautiful experience during the flight from Roudnice to Kmětiněves on the last vacation day. Thanks FOX and Iveta.

  • Lucie | 02.01.2012 12:06:27 | responding

    The balloon ride above Pilsen was an absolutely great experience, there is one disadvantage only- ballooning is probably addictive, as I hope to return to the board soon. Thanks a lot.

  • František a Marie Košina | 02.01.2012 12:05:22 | responding

    The town of Třeboň, lakes Svět, Opatovický, Spolský, Dvořiště, Velký Tisý, Břilický, Kaňov,... and of course the giant among our lakes- Rožmberk – thatś, what we saw from the balloon basket on Tuesday July 26 20011.Thanks a lot for this great experience to: senior students of the class 4.C Bussiness academy Třeboň for this present to their class-teacher, the pilot Pavel for his nice and friendly acconpainment, our children and friends for their moral support and acconpainment by taking-off and landing, and the God for the region around Třeboň. Look at the video from the ride on the webside:

  • Petr Lembard | 02.01.2012 12:03:38 | responding

    The flight above Ostrava over the townhall tower and the stadium Na Bazalech, Rychvald, Orlová, around the power station Dětmarovice and above lakes by Karviná with the aim in Pielgrzymowice was great not only thanks to the beautiful weather, but also thanks to the friendly and helpful team under the direction of the pilot Martin. An experience, that is worth to be repeated in other regions of our country. I thank to all my friends, who had sent me to this aviation.

  • Všetula | 02.01.2012 12:02:46 | responding

    Hello, I would like to thank you once more for a beautiful unforgettable experience and a professional attitude of all participants. Best regards Všetula - Ostrava


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