Romantic balloon ride plus

Romantic balloon ride plusDelight your partner with a special ride for two people together with the pilot.This is a PRIVATE ride at sunrise. The flight takes cca two hours. The price includes a picnick breakfast. The ticket is valid for one year, and it is possible to extend the validity, if necessary. The price includes the departure of the passengers to the take-off point, the launch ceremony and awarding of the certificates. The price includes VAT and transfer, therefore the prices in Bohemia and Moravia differ.

Takking of Price Valid for
Bohemia 19.990,- CZK incl. VAT Bohemia, Highlands
Moravia 19.990,- CZK incl. VAT Brno, Olomouc, Svitavy, Pálava, Ostrava and their surroundings
Our baskets are determined for max. five people, you will have your privacy and comfort.

Cena letenky

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Vaše cena: 19990 Kč vč. DPH


Guarantee of the lowest price

We offer the lowest prices of the ait tickets.

Have you ever found cheaper balloon rides somewhere? Contact us! We will make our price lower.



15. 12. 2010

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We have created for you a new Web presentation of our company. The presentation was created in cooperation with webdesign and marketing company eBRÁNA s.r.o.

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