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Safety of ballooning

Hot air balloons are the safest air planes, that fly in the sky all over the world.

A balloon is a structurally very simple plane and that is, why it does not subject to the „whims of technology“. Except of that, it is controlled and tested regularly. Every 100 hours or every year of use the whole balloon set passes a strict control by the producer. So called „preflight“ service is done before each flight – the pilot checks the balloonś ability to fly. Balloons are depending on meteorological conditions most of all air planes. In summer, balloons are able to fly cca from 6.00 am. to 9.00 am. and from 5 pm to 9 pm. In other seasons the intervals move closer to the noon. Ballooning can not be run safely, without risk, during storm, rain or snow shower, during thermal currents on the day and strong wind. Under normal circumstances, ballooning can be run to the wind speed of cca 14 kmph, when taking off from built-up areas or crowds of people, the limit goes to 7 kmph.The max.permissible speed of the wind, when the balloon stands still or is fastened, is 4 kmph. Ballooning above large cities is very limited by „ideal“ weather. For safe ballooning sufficient speed is necessary, as the balloon must safely move to a suitable landing site. Landing into built-up area among houses, onto roads, into gardens or pitches is considered to be an emergency solution and each experienced pilot avoids those situations.

The pilot is always responsible for the safety of operation and the success of the event depends on his decisions. Do not force the pilot to fly and not to postpone your baloon ride. If he decides to change the take-off point or to cancel he ride, see it as his experience and good sense. Maybe, he has just prevented you from a risk and an unpleasant and dangerous experience.

We wish you a nice flight and smooth landing.