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Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Below, there are stated General Term and Conditions, that define the relation between the company PROMO-AIR s r.o. and you as the client.

General provisions

  1. Company PROMO-AIR s r.o., ID: 28091060 based in České Budějovice, 370 07, Plav 154, registered in Commercial Register by Municipal Court in České Budějovice, chapter C, par. 16713 (further just PROMO-AIR) is authorized to operate air activities, hot air balloon rides (further service).
  2. These General Terms and Conditions modify contractual relation and define rights and obligations between PROMO-AIR company and the client, who booked the service, or the third person, whose benefit the service is booked to, or who will use the service (further client). All such contractual relations are led by generally obligatory legislation of the Czech Republic and by these General Terms and Conditions.
  3. These General Terms and Conditions are published on the web sites of PROMO-AIR s.r.o.

Formation of a contractual relation

  1. The contractual relation between PROMO-AIR and the client starts with paying the deposit or the whole purchase price of the air ticket. A  client is a person or a company, that buys and uses service of PROMO-AIR company. With buying the ticket or booking the date of the service the client confirms, tha she/he agrees with the General Terms and Conditions.
  2. With booking the service the client agrees, that is personal data will be saved by Promo-AIR company in accordance with corresponding laws of Data protection. PROMO-AIR hereby undertakes, that they will use these data only for their own use and will not pass them further to the third person.

Subject of the contract

Hot air balloon ride

  • The client meets the crew of the balloon on an agreed point. The head of the balloon (further pilot) decides of the take-off point and operating or cancelling the flight. Before taking off the clients are instructed in behaving during the preflight preparation and the flight. The crew prepares the balloon for the flight, the clients may be helpful. The balloon allways flighs with the wind and the pilot looks for a suitable landing spot in the last part of the flight. The time of flight is given by the kind of the ticket. The real time may be shortened or lenghtened by the pilot from safety reasons. The balloon is followed by retrieved vehicles, that provide departure of clients, crew and equipment back. After landing, a traditional launch ceremony (baptism of wind, soil, fire and champagne) and the clients get honorary certificates.
  • The client may use the service only with the valid ticket by PROMO-AIR company, or with a valid certificate by a mediator company, that has with PROMO-AIR a contract of cooperation

Booking the air ticket

  • The client can book the air ticket on the web sites:, by phone, e-mail, or personally at our headquarters or contractual sellers.

Delivery of the air ticket

  • You can pick up the air ticket personally at the headquarters or sellers, or it can be sent according to the clientś wish. PROMO-AIR company is not responsible for any delays by distribution.

Price of a balloon ride

  • The price list is published on the web sites of PROMO-AIR The price according to the contract is written on the sale document or on the appeal for payment. The price is including VAT. To pay the price, the client may use only ways given on websites
  • To the price for the service (see above) we count the postage- according to the way of delivery.
  • It is not possible to combine particular parts of discount or to count them up.

Validity of air tickets

  • The validity of the air tickets is one year from the date of sale. If the client does not use the ticket within one year, he/she can contact PROMO-AIR and lenghten the validity for another 12 months
  • If the client books a date of the ride, and it is cancelled because of weather, the validity is lenghtened automatically.

Booking of the date

  • After receiving the air ticket, or at least two weeks before the agreed date of the ride, the client contacts PROMO-AIR on the phones: +420 777 29 22 50 or +420 602 45 28 46, where there are agreed details of the flight.
  • Balloon rides are operated all over the year, if the weather is good. The balloons fligh in the mornings and evenings only (lounching cca one hour before dawn and one or two hours before sunset). PROMO-AIR (or the pilot) inform the client of the time of meeting when the date is booked. Latest two or three hours before this time of meeting, the operator confirms to the client the flight and the time and point of meeting. In case, the weather forecast is adverse, the flight is cancelled and another date is agreed.

Medical restrictions

  • From safety reasons, we cannot transport pregnant women and children younger than eight years or under 130 cm of height. Clients younger than 15, must be accompained by an adult person. Clients at the age of 15-18 must have a written permission of their guardians. Clients suffering from diseases of heart, blood circulation, pulmonary diseases and diseases of musculoskeletal system should consult the flight with their doctor. We ask you to inform us about your restrictions or your problems with mobility (knees, hips, spine...) Elderly people should let inform themselves about the risks, when talking to the operator. Clients of a weight more than 100 kgs are obliged to inform the operator of their current weight.
  • The transport can be refused, if there is a suspicion of drinking alcohol or using grugs before the flight. In that case, the air ticket is forefeitet without compensation.

Clothes and luggage of the client

  • We recommend comfortable, dark, sporty wear and good shoes. In the basket of the balloon the temperature is not lower than on the ground, warmer clothes is not necessary. The clothes may get dirty during flying and landing.
  • If the clientś clothes is inappropriate to the purpose, the client may be excluded from the transport.
  • Filming and taking pictures are allowed. Home video only for private use. PROMO-AIR is not responsible for cameras, video cameras, glasses and similar things. If the client takes such things with him/her, he/she must take responsibiliy for them during the whole flight, icl.the preflight preparations, taking off and landing, during the journey by car to the take off point and back. The client is also responsilble for all damages and harms of passengers caused by his/her apparatus.
  • According to the air law, the clients must undergo a safety examination to exclude the chance of transporting dangerous subjects (weapons, explosives, immflamable substances, glass...).
  • Because of a safe and easygoing flight, the client must obey all instructions of the crew.

Insurance of the client

  • Each client is insured properly in accordance with the law.
  • Any damages and harms must be reported to the pilot and PROMO-AIR company immediatelly.

Change of the date of the ride by the client

  • • The client has the right to change or cancel the date of the ride. If the ride is cancelled earlier than 24 hours before the agreed time of meeting, the client does not pay any fee and can agree another date. If the ride is cancelled later than 24 hours before the agreed time of meeting, the client must pay a fee of 500,- CZK and PROMO-AIR company has the right to ask for a fine up to 100 per cent of the contractual price for the asked service.
  • If the client does not come to the meeting point without any apologize, the air ticket is cancelled without compensation.

Operating the flight by another company

  • In particular cases, PROMO-AIR may use another company for operating the flight. This company must fullfil the same legal requirements of the civil aviation. This authorized company takes responsibility in that case. The liability is led by laws of civil aviation.

Making a complaint

  • The easiest way to solve a problem, if it occurs, is to call to a representative of PROMO-AIR company. Similarly, if the client is satisfied and wants to share his positive feelings, PROMO-AIR company welcomes such information on the e-mail address:

Final provision

  • These Terms and Conditions have been valid since 1.12.2010